Memorial Day Memories

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends..” – John 15:13

IMemorial Day am fortunate to live in a community that still holds a Memorial Day service at the local cemetery to honor those who fought for our freedom. Every year, my family attends the parade and service. The service is small but efficient. There is an opening prayer, a speech from a local preacher, a gun salute by the veterans and the band plays a patriotic song and Taps. These are constants you can count on. Traditions. Memories in the making that instills the importance of Memorial Day in all who attend. After the service, we stroll through local graveyards as my father tells us all about each family member who has passed. Only recently did I begin to notice that our family had many members who served in wars throughout the generations thanks to the markers placed by Veterans’ graves during the holiday weekend. 

Dad and CJ blurAs my dad was telling my kids his favorite memories with his grandfather or uncle, I was snapping pictures of a history I never really heard. We found that many family members had fought in World War II, and others fought in World War I, Korea and Vietnam. Most of these uncles and cousins are distant in our family line and were gone before I was born, but my dad remembers many of them and is able to help share their legacy by introducing them to my children and I year after year. We have our fair share of fun during Memorial Day weekend but I try to teach my children why we celebrate this day and to honor it with this family tradition.



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