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By Brandy Schau Dibert

Slowly but surely, I can see my prayers about becoming a writer coming true. I recently became part of a writing team for another online blogger, The Survival Mom. I will list links and a taste of each of my articles as they are released below. Please feel free to post comments, share, pin, tweet and enjoy!

Surviving Baseball Season

The first baseball game of the year is generally a welcome sign of spring and means winter is finally in the rear view mirror. While that warm weather anticipation has everyone yearning to flock to the fields, it is important to be prepared in order to have a fun and safe baseball season. Ball games are certainly more than peanuts, popcorn and hot dogs these days. This season, keep your ball star and his fans safe and healthy.

You, too, can survive baseball season with these tips! (More…)

Summer Jobs for Teenagers: Responsibility & Dedication Building Blocks

Whether you consider yourself a prepper, a survivalist or are simply striving to be self-sufficient, the basic building blocks for all these are responsibility and dedication. (More…)

 Using Social Media for Homesteading Bargains

Yard sales and flea markets are no longer restricted to summer weekends. Social media has helped us reach and communicate with more people than ever before. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest help us connect to more people, more products and more ideas.

Take advantage of these free resources to pursue your homesteading and prepping lifestyle without emptying your wallet! (More…)

7 Summer Children’s Activities for Sowing Survivalist Seeds

Summer activities can be a fun and creative way to introduce your children to basic survivalist concepts. Ways to pass the lazy summer days has changed a great deal over the last decade or so. What used to be typical summer past times has now become occasional treats for today’s youth. Help introduce your little ones to general survival skills while reintroducing your summertime to do list favorites! (More…)

4 Children’s Organizations that Introduce Survival Basics

Along with the back to school season comes the gamut of fall sports, organized youth activities and club sign-ups. Summer vacations, lazy days at the pool and barbecues are replaced with Crockpot meals, homework, and the frantic race to the next football practice or cross country meet.

Some opportunities presented to your child could be more involved than teaching team work and how to win/lose gracefully. Many youth organizations are excellent introductions to basic survival and homesteading techniques. (More…)






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