What I Want for Christmas | Life through my Eight-year old Eyes

I want to see my life through my eight-year old eyes. Relive it or perhaps watch it once more as though watching a movie.

I want to see my grandparents old trailer back where it stood all of my 34 years.

I want to see the pussy willow tree back by the edge of the old driveway and feel its soft blossoms and then get in trouble when I tried to climb around within it.

I want to sit under the shade of the pear tree on a hot Sunday afternoon on the old rusty glider with its white paint chipping.

I want to ride my pink bike with the big banana seat up the gravel road and soar up the small hill behind the corncrib and weave in and out of the lilac trees.

I want to smell the combination of fried chicken, homemade rolls, homemade noodles and baked beans drifting through my grandma’s open windows.

I want to stand beside my grandma in the kitchen as she teaches me how to roll and cut those homemade noodles.

I want to sit on my grandpa’s lap and play the marble game of Aggravation on the wooden game board he made.

I want to play whiffle ball with my cousins and cards with my aunts.

I want to explore through the old vacant log house and spit grapes at my cousins.

I want to hear the laughter of a family that use to be and will never be again.

I want to jump off the old green porch and relive the lazy days of those slow Sunday afternoons.

I want to taste my grandma’s fried bread and laugh at and with my cousins.

I want to run through the clean sheets swaying in the breeze as they hang on the line.

I want to see my grandpa’s old garage and all his old license plates hanging on the door.

I want to lie on grandma’s old couch on a hot summer’s day while she watches her stories.

I want to make a big mess playing house with my cousin for hours and hours and laugh at my aunt who cleans it up the moment we stop to eat.

I want to taste my grandma’s homemade gravy that was so good, I would eat it with just bread.

I want everyone to come together around a small tabletop Christmas tree and exchange small gifts and enjoy being together.

I want to see my grandpa get mad at losing a game of yahtzee and throw the dice behind the stove and catch grandma cheating at a game of cards.

I want to taste grandma’s homemade meatloaf and help her make homemade coleslaw.

I want to help grandma snap beans and watch grandpa make sauerkraut.

I want to play in the snow with my grandpa and ‘roll’ it over the hills in his old red car.

I want to call home sick from school and then go for ice cream when grandpa picks me up.

I want grandma to chase us around the yard threatening to whack us with a pancake turner for saying something bad that she taught us in the first place.

I want to hear my grandma’s rotten laugh and my grandpa’s voice.

I want to hear the sound of the creaking floor as grandma walks down the hall.

I want to walk into the owl covered room and have the peace and comfort of feeling happy and being home.

I want to stand where the big hill begins to slope and watch the sun set behind the tall pine trees and have that child-like security of feeling things will never change.

I want time to slow down and the ability to hang on to each precious moment.

Most of all, I want families, intermediate and extended, to love each other and treat each other as so. I want them to continue to get together and celebrate their history, reminisce about the past and share the future. I want family fights to disappear and selfishness to be erased. I want children to hang onto their childhood longer and cherish it greater and for everyone to realize that time is a precious gift not to be squandered so enjoy and make the most out of each and every second.

Merry Christmas Everyone!