Flight 666 | Dead in Dallas – Review

“Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire..” – Revelation 20:15

Flight666-36x36-Poster-web-700x700This past weekend, I got the privilege to assist with a church Youth Group field trip. I do not normally work with the teens at our little church, but was super excited to help coordinate and chaperone this trip.  

A few adults along with my husband and I loaded up our vehicles with 15 teenagers and headed to see Flight 666 | Dead in Dallas. This is what I call a sensory drama as the effects were amazing and made you feel as those you were truly experiencing what was being portrayed.

The preshow entertainment was rich in variety and set the tone for the rest of the evening. A young boy, who I later discovered was part of the show, opened with a Christian rap song that had the entire room bumpin’. The bass was thumping and the teens were clearly tuned in. The next performance was an interpretative dance to a song focusing on the grace of God. I really appreciated the variety of the opening acts, as these types of performances are not something we normally get to experience at our place of worship.

You know when a show begins with a cautionary warning stating if you have any health conditions that may be affected by loud music, screeching sounds or strobe lights, you may need to cover your ears and close your eyes, is bound to be a good one! The show began quietly with different scenes that gave us snippets of different peoples lives as they navigated through an airport and boarded a plane. There were several different ranges of people and behaviors:

~ There were teenage girls who focused on labels and putting others down.

~ There was a girl who stood up to the materialist ladies and witnessed to them even though she suffered much ridicule from it.

~ One of the pilots was a porn addict which led to dissatisfaction with his wife.

~ There was the deceitful adult trying to manipulate the airport into allowing his dog on the plane but later apologized for his behavior

~ There was the overindulgent mother who gave her daughter everything including the latest technology, birth control, alcohol and focused on being her best friend rather than a parent.

~ There was a boy who came from a rough home facing many uncertainties but decided to listen to a friend on the plane about another way of life.

~ There was the overly spoiled daughter who demanded everything from her mother and behaved in ways she knew was wrong from spending time with a Christian friend.

~ There was a lady who witnessed to the overindulgent mother using her own experiences as an example, explaining she lost a daughter due to her own lack of parenting, but turned her life around for her other two children.

~ There was the older male teacher making inappropriate advances towards certain female students.

~ There was a pilot who used to lead a sinful life but turned things around and witnessed to his co-worker about his porn problem.

~ The character that stood out the most to me, was a preacher who kept bragging about the size of his church and how many followers he had. He told the woman he sat next to how he preaches the love of Jesus and how everyone should spread the love. When confronted about preaching other biblical principals such as repentance, he confessed he avoided those tougher topics that might offend some of his congregation.

There was not an intermission during this show. Instead, in between acts, there was a gamut of heart racing special effects as the plane everyone was on went down. The room grew dark except for flashing strobe lights. The quiet conversations between the characters turned into shrilling screams and thunderous booms that resonated throughout the room as a horrific danger alarm blared over it all. It really was enough to take your breath away and I can see if you have any health concerns, why it is import to hide yourself from this dashing display. On top of the visual and auditory effects, the producers of this show didn’t leave out the physical dynamic either. Sprays of water took you by surprise and bits of confetti and sponge that represented rain from the thunderstorm and bits of debris.

Act Two started with a glorious stage change that showed The Lamb’s Book of Life on a pedestal and the beautiful gates to Heaven. In the corner was a rocky, cave-like entrance representing the gate to Hell. Throughout the second act, all of the characters from Act One stood before the angel reading the book who would let them know if their name was or was not written. The characters represented by blue font in the list above all had tearful but joyful entrances into Heaven. However, the characters represented in orange we dragged off the stage into the fiery hole.

834Once Satan’s victims were announced, they were claimed by demonic minions who crept through the audience causing quite the fright for the patrons sitting in the aisle seats. After the mock hell’s new regretful and screaming additions disappeared, Satan would walk the stage describing the sinful behavior of his new possessions and thanking those who allowed it. For example, after the overly spoiled girl was ripped from her mother’s arms and carried into hell by three or four demons, Satan proudly paced the stage thanking all the parents who befriended their children instead of teaching them and guiding them to be responsible adults. He thanked those who didn’t teach them his (God’s) word and for sending more and more souls his direction.

The experience of the show cannot be captured by words or even by a DVD representation. There is still one or two shows left and I highly recommend you go see this and take those you love with you. This show brings the reality of Heaven and Hell to the forefront of your mind and just might make you consider some changes in your own life to ensure your name is written in The Lamb’s Book of Life.


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Flight 666 | Dead in Dallas


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