My Story – Discovering Faith

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


486287_471714099532921_708343599_nToday, I am happy to say that I love Jesus and feel he and I have grown very close over the last few years. As with any relationship, there have been ups and downs and all arounds but our foundation is strong and the desire to grow is ever-present.

However, it hasn’t always been this way. I wasn’t raised in church nor did I grow up hearing God’s word or learning God’s ways. I have a few snapshots of memory that take me to a church or two with my late grandfather but nothing vivid enough to give me that ‘AHA’ moment where I was first introduced to God. No, I have nothing concrete or exciting to share on how it all began other than this one innocent childhood moment that sealed the deal.

I mentioned that my earliest memories of church involved my late grandfather, and I only held onto a small glimpse of what must have really been since I was so very young when those moments occurred. My grandfather passed away a few short days after my 9th birthday. From what I remember, I handled it fairly well for a third grade child who was grandpa’s girl. What I didn’t realize was the very small seeds he had helped plant on those few occasions when I tagged along with him to this church or another.

IMAG0324Up until late in my third grade year, I had very long, super thick, wavy strawberry-blonde hair that was often difficult to manage. Personal appearance was not high on my list of priorities back then so I generally just kept the mane at bay with a simple plastic headband. On a good day, the headband might even match what I was wearing. As with hats, jeans, etc., I had a favorite headband that fit just right and held my hair the way I liked it. Imagine my distress when I was rushing to get ready for school and could not find that headband. I was distraught. I had no idea what to do. I searched and searched and could not find the headband anywhere. I simply could not leave the house without it.

As cliché as it sounds, I had the sudden realization that all I had to do was pray and ask God to help me find it because I couldn’t find it on my own. So for the first time in my memory, I knelt at my bedside, stressed and alone, and closed my eyes. I don’t remember praying about anything other than asking God to help me find that headband. I didn’t thank him for everything I had. I didn’t pray for others. I am not even sure I closed with an ‘Amen.’ I only selfishly asked him to help me find that headband. Sure enough when I opened my eyes and started to look around, there was that headband sitting on my nightstand in plain sight. Now sure I realize that it was probably there the entire time and in my frantic state I simply over looked it, but that moment was enough to seal the deal. It was that moment that I realized God heard my prayers. It was that moment when my faith spouted and began to grow. It was that moment I met God and decided to walk by faith.


**This blog is based on my own personal research, thoughts and opinions. If your opinions differ than mine then we can agree to disagree, no negative comments needed. If you appreciate the message in anyway, then please feel free to comment, like, and share with others. **


5 thoughts on “My Story – Discovering Faith

  1. Love this and what a lesson learned. Many give up on God when their prayers are not answered right away. They don’t realize God is teaching them patience. I know He has taught me this lesson over and over. God answers our prayers in His time and not ours. Proud of you and how God is using you to glorify His kingdom. Love ya 😉

  2. Brandy, this makes me cry! We both have gotten to have an awesome relationship with the Lord through many difficulties. I am so grateful my life wasn’t easy so it would draw me closet to Him! You are a wonnderful, faithful servant and friend and I am so proud of you on your walk with the Lord. This blog is awesome and I would love for you to post it on my wall as often as you can so you can reach my friends by showing what God can do! I love you, your family and the church, Gina Bowman

  3. Beautiful song and beautiful message! Though you may not believe it sometimes, but you inspire me and others as well. Keep following God and do his work as he has chosen you to and never give up on those of us who haven’t given our life up to god yet. As a friend of yours said above, things happen on God’s time.

    • Thank you Emily! I know my relationship with Jesus today is because of my grandfather. We never know the how many fingerprints we leave along our journey 🙂

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